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How much superannuation do I get paid? Don’t be scammed

Don’t get scammed by your employer, know how much superannuation should you be getting paid?

Here is a guide:

our employer must pay a minimum of 9% of your earnings base into your super account

Generally, as an employee, your employer should be paying super for you if you are:

  • aged 18 years or over but under 70, and;
  • paid at least $450 (before tax) in a calendar month

If you are under 18, you are eligible for compulsory super guarantee if you work 30 hours or more a week.

This is the site I got the information from:

and the article is: Superannuation Guarantee – Individuals

Don’t be scammed follow up on your super and plan for your future.

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Topher Morrison on is the secret a scam?

The secret as such is a great movie topher talks about in this video, he says that they may of just missed a few main items when it came to expressing the point of “action”. Topher Morrison lets us know the importance of having a clear intention and then giving that intention all the action that requires its attainment.

Here is the interview with Topher Morrison, the interview was done by Lilou Mace.

You can find out more about Topher Morrison here and check out more interviews with Lilou Mace on her youtube channel here.

Its only been a few years now that the secret has been out and it has been a crazy hit with hundreds of millions of copies sold and viewed around the would, so is Tophers points valid here? I think so and I think it is hard sometimes when you are so involved in a project to have a point like that missed, it also can be viewed that action really dosen’t need explaining as it seems to be that you need to take action to make anything happen.

The Law attraction explained on Wiki, here are the three steps;

1. Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive

Quote from wikipedia; “Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids “negative” thoughts, the universe will manifest a person’s desires”.

I think that Topher is right when you look at it this way, just reading the three principles you could say I have been scammed here and I never got anything or I got what I didn’t want. A clearer action step process could be a worth while pursuit here  for the team that developed the answer.

One of the success stories in the movie John Assaraf explains that they may have missed this point of action as well in the above youtube video. My mentor Roy McDonald has also talk about this in some of his seminars, as has Topher. They both stand by it and think it has been an amazing movie for many to experience just make sure you take action precise action Roy and Topher express.

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